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When Is The Best Time Of Year For Tree Pruning Blacktown And Who Can Help You With It | Focussing on NZ

When Is The Best Time Of Year For Tree Pruning Blacktown And Who Can Help You With It

Choosing the right time of year to prune trees is essential to the results that you will get and is also largely dependent on what you are aiming to achieve. It is therefore important to know and understand the seasons to get the optimal value from tree pruning Blacktown.

1. Winter

Most shrubs, bushes and trees can benefit from pruning in the late winter – before the plant starts sprouting new leaves and twigs and is still dormant. Pruning stimulates growth in the early spring resulting in trees and plants that are lush and healthy in the summer months. Evergreen trees that aren’t dormant in the winter can be pruned at any time of year, however, the winter months are still recommended. Winter officially starts on 1 June in and ends in August making August the ideal time for tree pruning Blacktown.

2. Spring

Spring is not the ideal time to prune most trees as this is the time of year when they experience the greatest growth. However, trees or shrubs that flower in the early spring can benefit from trimming in the late spring before summer arrives (late October or November) when the flowers have already fallen. Trees that bleed sap heavily should preferably be pruned later than August in the early spring (September). This will allow for faster healing of the cuts and prevent sap leaking out essential nutrients that are necessary for the tree to flourish.

3. Summer

Few trees benefit from pruning in the summer months. On the other hand, this is the best time to remove dead twigs and branches that are more easily visible among the lush growth of green leaves. It is highly recommended to use a professional service for tree pruning Blacktown to cut back dead branches every summer as they can be hazardous when they fall. Dead branches are also not aesthetically pleasing and will detract from the beauty of the garden. Expert Tree Removal in Sydney is the ideal choice for professional tree pruning, trimming and removal.

4. Autumn

It is not recommended to prune or cutback trees during the Autumn months. Keep in mind that pruning encourages new growth and this can be killed off when the weather turns cooler in the winter months. If trees simply must be pruned in Autumn, it is best to wait until the majority of the leaves have fallen. Evergreen trees can be pruned in Autumn and this is also a good time to have their dead branches removed by the experts.

Remember to keep the aim of the pruning or trimming in mind when selecting the best time of year for tree pruning. If dead branches are the problem, winter is the best time of year. If the goal is to cutback overgrown trees and discourage growth, late summer is ideal. Late winter to early spring is the best time of year for tree pruning Blacktown to encourage healthy growth. If in doubt, call Expert Tree Removal Sydney for the best advice and top tree trimming and pruning services.

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